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From C25k to ultra-runners, we’re just a friendly group of runners who couldn’t give AF*** about the booze
Whatever your level of fitness, improve your running and cut down on alcohol, with a friendly supportive community
A weekend wasted is a wasted weekend. If you’d rather be running than drinking but need a bit of motivation, then you’re in the right place
The only community you’ll ever need to get more consistent with running and more control over alcohol
Time for a change? We’ll help you get off the couch, put down the booze and get out for a run

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About Us

AF Runners is all about community, compassion and consistency.

Because these are the foundations to any type of habit change, whether that’s getting out for more runs or changing your relationship with alcohol. It doesn’t matter where you are on your alcohol free journey or what running experience you have, we’ll help you become the very best version of yourselves. 

We've Been There

Struggling to get out for a run or to get any consistency in being alcohol free.

 It can be a frustrating pattern. But with AF Runners you’ll have a supportive community that motivates you to get out when the weather’s telling you otherwise, gives you accountability when your “friends” are telling you to “just have one” and gives you compassion when life just isn’t going to plan.

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Whether you want advice on buying your first pair of running shoes or motivation to get out in the rain, we’re here to support you on your journey at

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming for your first 5k or ultra-marathon, our experienced running coaches will help you get over the finish line and smash your goals

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We don’t care who you are or where you come from. If you’re committed to improving your running (no matter your current ability) and want to take a break from alcohol, then you’re in the right place!

Continue your momentum

Got a taste for the AF lifestyle during Sober October, or felt that your running improved during Dry January. Then why not continue your alcohol free journey with us?

Our Community

Striving to live life to the fullest, meet some of our community members

Natalie O'Brien

I was never a runner but needed to keep my mind focused when I gave up alcohol…

…I plodded along and always resented running as I knew I wasn’t “a runner”.

When I found AF runners I found a love for running. The encouragement and motivation I received from the group was absolutely astounding. I went from not being “a runner” to owning the fact that just because I wasn’t an athlete didn’t mean I wasn’t a runner. It was the group that gave me the belief that I could achieve anything I wanted.

Vicky Stone

Since joining AF runners my running has been the most consistent ever!

Which means I trained hard and ran a half marathon in October (first one in 5 years). There is loads of support at all levels from couch to 5k to ultras. And everyone is lovely at cheering each other on.

This really helps with motivating you to get your trainers and get out there and go for your run. To improve at running you need to be consistent.

Being alcohol free is so important as it gives you that consistency and it also gives you better health enabling your body to make the adaptations needed for running .

Combining being alcohol free and running is a recipe for success.

What Our Members Say

"It's nice to be part of a genuine community around being Alcohol Free and movement!”
“This group is having a positive effect because Seeing the regular posts in here and the leaderboard on the Strava group helps me get out on my runs when I might not be feeling entirely arsed to do so”
“I cannot express enough the positive effect this has had on my training and also my mindset.”
“I Love this group so much. My running has never ever been this consistent and we all know that consistency over time equals success.”
“It’s amazing to be around like-minded people and to be inspired by everyone’s achievements”
“Reminds me to be more organised and gets me moving! Although I'm not training for a particular race, getting back to proper strength and fitness is my goal.”
“It's great to combine AF and running - continuing to share and learn from others as well as providing connection.”
“it's a wonderful group and positive, hugely inspiring vibe”
“I've just joined the couch to 5K challenge and it has given me a much needed window towards community! And trying a new sport, running!”

Meet Our Amazing
Coaching Team

Andy Delderfield

Back in 2016 struggling with life and generally feeling shit.

So believe me when I say I’ve been there. If you don’t believe me well check out the evidence in my pictures!

I barely recognise myself either. All it took was cutting out alcohol and running three times a week. Sounds simple doesn’t it?!

Well, it wasn't easy...

…I couldn’t do it on my own. But I found an incredibly supportive group that helped me cut out the booze. There were some hiccups along the way but it’s now been four years since I had a drink or a hangover. So now I run free, which is why I created this amazing community to help you do the same.

Claire MacAskill

Claire has over 20 years of experience in road and trail running; however her biggest personal improvements took place when she decided to stop drinking alcohol 4 years ago.

Removing alcohol allowed Claire to not only be more consistent in her training but to focus, commit and deliver in every training session. Claire has run over 26 marathons and ultra marathons and numerous half marathons, 10ks, 5ks and trail races performing to a high standard.

Claire Believes...

…it is not just the physical aspect that is important in running. 

The mental aspect also plays a huge part in an athlete’s performance. Removing
Alcohol allows you to gain consistency, consistency builds confidence, confidence builds a strong mindset. 

By building a strong mindset, Claire believes you will have the confidence to trust in your running abilities and achieve your goals. 

Whether you want to run a multi day ultra marathon event or get consistent with moving your body, Claire is passionate about helping fitness enthusiasts improve their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Claire holds the Scottish Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and Arete Way Positive Psychology qualifications.

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