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Want encouragement to exercise more and drink less? Then you’re in the right place

About Us

Maybe you’re a swimmer, walker, cyclist or runner who wants to be alcohol free.

Or perhaps you’re spending less time in the pub and want some motivation to get fitter. Great news! We have got you covered. We’ll motivate you to get out and train when the weather’s telling you otherwise, give you accountability when your “friends” are telling you to “just have one” and give you compassion when life just isn’t going to plan.

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AF Runners

For those who prefer the peer pressure of “just one more kilometre”, than “just one more pint”. Meet your kind of people here.

AF Walkers

For urban striders and country hikers. Whether you’re aiming for 10000 or 20000 steps a day, connect with other step counter enthusiasts here.

AF Swimmers

For those that are happier diving into the big drink, than downing a double. Meet your new tribe here.

AF Cyclists

For those that want to get off the bar stool and on their bike. Meet fellow pedal pushers here.

AF Obstacle Racing

The biggest obstacle is putting down the drink and getting off the sofa. Until you enter your first obstacle race! Meet fellow pain enthusiasts here

AF Coaching

Maybe Dry January or Sober October gave you a taste for AF Life but you could do with some extra support. Find out how to work with one of our experts here

Meet Our Founder

Andy Delderfield

I won’t lie, I lost count of the number of training runs I missed because of hangovers.

But it wasn’t just training runs I missed out on. I was missing out on life. I knew that if I could cut out alcohol that my running, and life, would massively improve. But it wasn’t easy. The only way I could do it was by surrounding myself with people that were more experienced with running and being Alcohol Free. People that could motivate me and give me advice. This is why I haven’t had a hangover (or a drink) in almost four years. This is why I wanted to build a community to help others do the same.

And Meet Our Amazing Team

Niamh O'Sheehan

AF Walkers Coach

Niamh (pron. Neeve) is passionate about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of walking. In January 2019 Niamh “walked her way sober”. And she has not picked up a glass of wine or taken off her walking boots since! Being a mother, performer and business manager stretches one’s capacity to limit. 

Helz Jones

AF Swimmers Coach

Helz is a mindset, wellbeing and outdoor swimming coach. She is a water lover through and through and travels to new places to swim and loves it when she can get new people in the water too.Helz is an alcohol free advocate and is very excited to take the lead on the AF swimmers and dippers.

Nikola Floodgate

AF Cyclists Coach

By removing alcohol and practising consistent movement, Nikola has embarked on several personal challenges, not limited to Ultra cycle rides, a half marathon, qualifying as a Life Coach and an Alcohol-Free Coach and achieving something she has aimed at for so long; a balanced, stable, consistent and happy life.

Justin Jones

AF Obstacle Coach

Justin hasn’t always been into fitness. In fact he’s the guy you would’ve picked last for high school sports teams (behind the overweight, asthmatic kid). After leaving school he completed a degree in Psychology and along the way found movement could be fu and beneficial for both body and mind (long before wellness was a thing) and retrained to become a Personal Trainer in 1999 so he could help others discover the joy of movement and benefits that exercise can offer.

Claire MacAskill

AF Runners Coach

Claire has over 20 years of experience in road and trail running; however her biggest personal improvements took place when she decided to stop drinking alcohol 4 years ago. Removing alcohol allowed Claire to not only be more consistent in her training but to focus, commit and deliver in every training session. Claire has run over 26 marathons and ultra marathons and numerous half marathons, 10ks, 5ks and trail races performing to a high standard.

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Helping People To Connect In The AF Space